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Do you have a Commercial Roof leak?

leaking roof

A roof is an excellent source of warmth for your business. It can enhance the overall appearance of your business as well as giving you a little extra air when required. There are a number of different factors that can lead to a leaking roof. The most common factor is an improperly fitted or installed roof. This inadequacy is usually brought about because having a it fitted by a professional roofing contractor can cost a lot of money. Without proper knowledge of construction regarding it, though, can lead to disastrous results. Even the inadequate fixing of a leaking roof can make things worse.

Fixing your Commercial Roof leak.

Roofing contractors tend to charge quite a high cost to fit a roof because they would rather work on better-paid, roof installments. That doesn’t mean you can’t find a reputable and highly skilled roofing contractor. However, because fitting a roof is a skilled job, you will need to pay more to have one fitted properly.

The slightest hole, crack or blemish can lead to a leaky roof. It is important that whoever is fitting your roof has a good knowledge of all these factors. It is important that you employ an experience and knowledgeable professional to repair the leak to prevent further damage.


Bear in mind that if you have drip on the inside of your roof it does not necessarily mean you have a leaky roof and condensation can often be the cause of sleepless nights and panicking business owners. This is especially true in extreme conditions. Dryers, washing machines, hot baths and even the employees of the business can cause condensation to build up on the inside of your roof and this will inevitably drip off giving the impression that you have a leaky roof. This becomes even more pertinent when the weather gets colder outside. A build up of ice or snow on the outside of your roof is a sure fire way to promote condensation on the inside of your roof and even a small crack means that this condensation can be in between the two panes of glass if you have double glazing.

The damage a leaking roof can cause.

A leaky roof causes relatively minimal damage in the short term. However, over the long term, this damage can become significant so you should make sure that the drops you saw coming off your roof are actually condensation and not the first tell tale signs of a leak. You may end up having to replace wallpaper, carpets and worse still making structural repairs to the inside of your house (although only usually in extreme circumstances). A leaky roof may also be indicative that you have bigger problems. You should get someone out to check it as soon as possible.

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