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Asbestos Roof Tile: Steps To Avoid Health Hazards


Do you have Asbestos roof tile on your roof?

Asbestos roof tile is a roofing material that have hazard to them. It consists of natural minerals that are fibrous in nature. Fibrous quality of Asbestos are useful in various building materials. For example: Pipe insulation, floor tile, and fireproofing. Shingles, tars, pitch and roof tiles were also set up with the help of asbestos.

Dangers of Asbestos Roof Tile

These roof tiles are very hazardous for health and our environment because of the particles made with the tile. Having these tiles could be a cause respiratory health hazards. These health hazards occur when respirable fibers are in the air and then inhaled into your body during breathing. These materials are in two categories: Friable and non-friable. Usage of Non-Friable containing materials is not that harmful because they do not release dangerous fiber into the air. This class of materials does not release fibers unless you impact them mechanically.

Protection Steps against Asbestos

There are five steps of protection are helpful to prevent fiber release during removal of the roof tile. Please follow each step carefully! If you are concerned with removing these yourself, do not hesitate to give us a call and we can do so. Your safety is our first priority.

-1. Roofing materials must be mixed with non-friable materials (tar, pitch, asphalt). This mixing hardens the fibers, prevents their release, and avoids inhalation.

-2. The safe methods of removal with only hand made tools like shovels and hammers. This is to strip the roofing material from the building.

-3. Before you remove Asbestos tiles, It is recommended that asbestos should be wet. So spray the tiles softly down with a hose.

-4. Make sure to where protection on your hands, eyes, and masks to cover your mouth for breathing.

-5. Workers removing the roofing materials should be properly knowledgeable in accordance with an EPA training program in order to remove these tiles from your roof.

Regulations for Roof tile Removal

According to OSHA regulations, all persons working with asbestos containing materials should wear respiratory and other personal protection equipment during the removal process. There are different state and even federal regulations that regulate the removal of asbestos roof tiles and other asbestos containing materials.

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